• 1989

    In 1989 started manufacture nylon yarn factories by using advanced technology from Switzerland and Germany.

  • 1990

    We sold fabric in order to make shade cloth and lining fabric over 50 million yards in a year for many customers around the world.

  • 1998

    1998, Duratex, super strength nylon with extra durability and hight abrasion was developed to be used in the industry and military.

  • 2000

    cooperation with DYSTAR to development the reflective hi-visibility color fabric was invented to be made workwear under the standard of EN ISO 20471 and ANSI 107.

  • 2002

    80% of hi-vis color fabric standardized and used wildly around the world is made by us, Thai Taffeta Co., LTD.

  • 2008

    Start produce fabric for outdoor customer target, fabric for down jacket with major customers in USA and Europe.

  • 2005

    We evolve the high stretch Polyester, know for easy-dye, comfy and well-firming fabric, to be used in the sport industry which the weaving technique is needed.

  • 2009

    Under the standard of UL standard Lifesaving Equipment, we produced fabric for life jacket, and sold it to the North America.

  • 2010

    Polyester High Stretch for sport wear was developed by using Polyester recycle yarn which produce from plastic bottles until now more than 200 million bottles

  • 2012

    Clean rooms fabric, the fabric used in the Electronic industry, food industry and hospital, features in anti-static and bacteria. We majorly sell to SEAGATE and HITACHI which are our big potential clients.

  • 2015

  • 2017

    We start branding microfiber allergen-proof bedding: SKONI. Under the standard of Europe, it can certainly guarantee that it is safe for new-born babies

  • 2018

    We are always keeping on being the sustainable and environment-friendly industry with the ‘lean management system’.


Thai Taffeta Co., Ltd.  We aim to be the world-class textile manufacturer and go along with the business operator and products, innovation which environment-friendly for accomplish sustainable success to next generation.


  • Product development through innovation and advanced manufacturing technology.
  • Production processing development with environment friendly, reduce water consumption, alternative energy from eco-friendly, raw materials which do not adversely affect the environment.
  • Develop products to meet customer requirement, close relations to expand business together in the long term with customer.
  • Develop the potential of personnel in organization, encourage the development of potential and quality of life.