High Stretch
Using a combination of polyester micro fibres and air jet texturing TTC has developed
a exciting range of high stretch sports wear fabrics for end uses from team shirts to outer
fabric for laminated ski wear. More >>
Spin Cool Master
Using spinning technology have developed a range of fabric with moisture and
wicking properties. Ideal for very active sports wear for the real enthusiast. More >>
Nature Hand Feel
As Thai Taffeta is mostly a synthetic fibre house we have developed a range of
fabrics to compete with the natural fibres in both Handle and touch but with the added
performance and cost saving of man made fibre. More >>
Teflon & soil release
In to days world help to remove oil sand etc is of great importance for both street

wear, sports wear and industrial garments.

            By using a combination of high technology finishes from Dupont Teflon” we can achieve
this goal. More >>
We can also offer the same products unbranded which have cost savings.
UV Protection Against Sun Rays
In some countries the protection of children and babies against the UV radiation of
the sun is a federal requirement. We can offer fabric protection against this and offer the branding Rayosan More >>
Product Update

More >>











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