Fabric protecter , the invisible finish provides high levels of ultraviolet protection without changing fabric comfort properties
       Sun Protection
Fabric Degradation
Colour Protection
Sun Protection :
       At no time in the world's history has such emphasis been placed on the importance of protection for the human body  against skin cancer been together. In Australia the rate of skin cancer in outdoor workers id almost 50 % , this is not just a problem for southern hemisphere countries. In Scotland there has been an alarming 75% increase in melanomas  Cancers in the past decade.
Garment protection against solar UVR
       Thai Taffeta has developed fabrics in both nylon and polyester using a combination of engineering ,weaving and chemical protection using chemicals. Reducing the risk of the garment wearer being exposed to UVR and skin cancer.
Colour Protection >> 
-  Improve fastness to light.
-  Improve wash fastness.
       We can improve colour fastness to light by adding U.V inhibitors on both nylon and polyester fibers during  the dyeing process. Thai Taffeta has been working cooperating on this technique. 
        In most cases we will improve by at least 1 point on the blue scale using ISO 105B02 after extended  exposure to light.
End Uses  >>
Sports Equipment :-Tent ,Balloon ,Para glider and power kite.
Marine :-Boat Covers , life jackets and vests ,spinnakers and sails.
Home:- Parasols and Garden furniture.
Garment:-Industrial and domestic.
Medical:-Longer washing cycles of surgical fabric
            Thai Taffeta using a combination yarn spinning , chemical treatment and coating technology have developed. a range fabrics that can stay exposed to Solar UVR longer and retain most of the physical and colour properties.
Sport Equipment
Fabrics in this range have
-  Improved colour fastness to long time exposure to sun.
-  Improved tear and tensile properties as new
-  Using special coatings that resist UVR penetration reducing fiber derogation keeping fabric strengths
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