Features >>

Permanent Anti-Static Properties
  High Density Construction
  Medical and Chemical Protection
  Lint Free
  Long-Term Durability
  Light weight and Breathable

Breathable Air Permeability  >>

On the reverse side of the surgical gown and clean room suit we are using  a fabric with a more breathable properties.  This has been done by using a Air jet textured yarn by Thai Taffeta but still using micro fibre this gives cotton touch.  

 We have protected this with a water resistant chemical . This Fabric has been added to add extra comfort to the surgeon with as much protection that this technology will accommodate.

Lint Free >>
              "Lint"  is a fabric originally of linen with a raised nap on one side used for dressing wounds " FREE" is not subject to, exampt from Lint is also found on all cotton, polyester cotton and now woven fabrics and is the small hairy fibers on the surface of the fabric.

Laminate >>
Soft Touch
Ability for super light fabrics.
High Breath ability
High Water resistance
Excellent abrasion resistance
Specialized film for flame resistance
High wash fastness
Laminated in 3 layers
The main advantage is its good performance to mechanical tests.
Laminated in     2  layers 
Insures a high waterproofness against bad weather and further  thermal insulation to be added.
A high level of breathability is essential  for efficient thermal regulation.
Breathability is tested according to >>

 BS7209 (1990) , ASTM E96 BW and EN343

  << Performance Standards  >>

Test Method & Specification
Spray Test  (AATCC22-1989)

Washing 0 Time - 100 mm/H2O

Measure the fabrics 's resistance to wetting , using water.  The higher the rating, the better the fabric resists wetting.

Oil Repellent
( AATCC 118-1992 )
Washing 0 time - 4 grade
Washing 50 times - 3 grade
( ISO105c06 )


Hydro static Pressure Test
( ISO 811 )
450 - 600 mm.

     Measured the resistance of a fabric to the penetration of water under pressure. The high the Rating , the more resistance to fluid penetration.

Surface Resistivity
( DIN54345 )
100 Ohms/Square

Measure how easily the surface of a fabric will conduct eletricity. Results are given in ohms per unit square. The lower the value the better.

Static Decay Time
( NFPA-99 )
+ 0.2 ( 42% R.H.,21'C ) sec

Measures how fast the electric charge will dissipate from the fabric.

Air Permeability
( JIS L1096-A )
0.67 c.c/cm2/sec

Measures the rate of airflow through a fabric at a standard pressure. The higher the ratting ,the

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