Lamination >>
Is a method of applying or bonding film to fabrics whether woven , knitted or non woven in structures that are to layera and above.
>> Breathable  A High level of breathability is essential for efficient thermal regulation.
Breathability is tested according to :

BS7209 (1990) ,ASTM E96 BW and EN343

Methods of Lamination >>
Hot Melt
Knife application
Bonding Fabrics together
Hot melt using a engraved roller >
In this method a special engraved roller allow a controlled amount of "glue" in a particular
order to be applied to the film were the glue is a specialized hot melt PU. Film weights from 12 to 25 micron with  very high breathabilities   More >>
Knife Application
Here we use a convention knife coating machine and  apply the PU to the fabric them the film
is applied onto the PU.  We can apply medium to heavy films giving  high water and abrasion resistance.   
Features of Lamination >>
Soft Touch
Ability for super light fabrics
High Breathability
High Water Resistance
Excellent abrasion resistance
Specialized film for Flame resistance
High wash fastness
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