Main Technology Applications  >>
Microbial resistance reduces the formation of smell
Antistatic with carbon fibre
Durable freshness- wash after wash
Lint Free
Water resistant
Good Iaundry properties
Water repellant
Controlled breathability
Micro fibre for comfort and durability

Micro Fibre >>

  With  the advancement of spinning technology ,micro fibre fabrics are now ossible.
Thai taffeta on its medical fabrics uses 75 denier 72 filaments. That means for every thread there is 72 smaller strands, each one equaling about 1 denier.  This equals 4.4
million meters in one kilo of yarn.

       Micro fibre gives the fabric its physical properties , at the same time adding comfort to the user

Anti Static  >>
Static electricity can cause serious problems during operations, especially on heart related surgeries.
  The only way to eliminate static is to disipitate the electrical charge using Carbon Fibre. This combined with polyester fibre makes sure this is always on the surface of the fabric. These can be both in polyester or nylon.  
Thai Taffeta is using  NEGA-STAT®   develop by Dupont which is considered the best for Medical end use.
Expression of Anti Static properties
Surface resistivity DIN 54345
Static decay time NFPA99
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- Semi - Contructor
- Food Industrial
- Phamocutical
- Uniform
Water liquid repellency  >>
On our fabric have coated the surface of each individual fibre with a water resistant chemical called Teflon
from Dupont.
This particular chemical helps water run of the surface of the fabric.   This is tested using  AATCC
method 22 1996 .
Water liquid resistance  >>
  Measured using the standard ISO 811. the fabric is tested after a combination of treatments ,the fabric
density plays a huge part in a fabrics overall resistance to liquid after it has also been calendered and chemically treated. This particular test is where a sample of fabric is subject to a given water pressure and expressed in a millimeter rise. 
For medical fabrics we are looking for this resistance to be very high even after prolonged washes. This
property is to any body liquid penetrating into the gown and coming into contact with the surgeon. To do this we product a very dense fabric,and shrink it to its maximum, Closing up all the gaps and with the aid of chemical and pressure close the fabric even further.
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